Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The 12th house - Analysis

Twelfth house – Analysis
S N Rao

Analyzing every house in a birth chart is important to understand the nature of the native. The 12th house in a horoscope is known as a dusthana (which means malefic house). A planet occupying the 12th house or the position occupied by the 12th house lord indicates several things which help in understanding the weak points in a horoscope. The purpose of understanding these is to forewarn the individual of the bad things and to help him take correctives.  

If the 1st house indicates self then the 12th house indicates everything else about the individual which he is not. If the 1st house indicates “I am” then the 12th house indicates everything about “what I am not”. The matters indicated by the 12th house are self-undoing, hidden enemies, bondage, prisons, hospitals, ashrams, monasteries, institutions. In Vedic astrology, one of its meanings is final liberation, or total freedom from ego and karma. It is also known as moksha or spiritual house. It is also the house of dreams and imagination. This house gives us information about the subconscious mind as well as the social life. The 6th house is the house of work, health and service hence the opposite results are felt by the 12th house i.e laziness, retreating from work, stay in isolation, withdrawal from society, chronic health problems.

The results of Various planets occupying the 12th house gives the following results.

Sun : It symbolizes vitality and energy. When Sun occupies the 12th house it gives the native a desire to conserve his vitality and energy and so he does not like to spend these. He likes to shut himself away from his friends and family and likes to live the life of a recluse or go far away in exile and stay with strangers. Sun is the karaka for the father / government also, hence the native is likely to have conflicts / separation with his father/ government. The results are more prominent if sun occupies an enemical sign whereas if Sun occupies a friendly sign the effects are considerably reduced. This position gives the native interest in research activities, working with prisoners, hospitals, laboratories.

Moon : It symbolizes the mind and emotions. When Moon occupies the 12th house it gives the native a desire to check all his emotions. These persons are able to keep their secret and do not disclose much about themselves. Such natives are very practical and do not get swayed under emotional blackmails. Moon is the karaka for mother. This position will make the native to lead a life in separation with his mother / home / native place. Such natives usually succeed in places away from their birthplace.  The success of the native is more prominent when moon occupies friendly, own or exalted signs. Moon also signifies emotional attachment. Hence the natives will have affairs which are secret. This position gives the native interest in associations like social service, charitable institutions, they will also take measures to stay away from the public attention and work in secrecy.

Mercury : Mercury symbolizes the communication and nervous system. When Mercury occupies the 12th house it restrains the individual from communicating with others in an effective manner. When it occupies enemical signs / with malefic aspects then the results are more pronounced. There are chances of the native being deaf or dumb. All sorts of problems related to communication can occur to the native if correctives are not taken. However if it occupies friendly sign and receives benefic aspects then it gives study / interest in the occult science. These natives often communicate with the public under a pseudonym.

Venus : Venus symbolizes love. When Venus occupies the 12th house it restrains the individual to display his affection to others. It leads to troubles in secret, clandestine love affairs, sensual life. When it occupies a friendly sign it gives benefit to the native by connection with hospitals, chemical laboratories or some activities without involvement of the public. If Venus occupies enemical sign or has malefic aspects then it also leads to difficulties in love life, jealousy, divorce, scandals, overindulgence of passions etc.

Mars : Mars symbolizes action. When Mars occupies the 12th house his actions would be the cause for his decline in success. This position makes the native realize his mistakes for his past actions. Mars is the karaka for brothers. This position would give conflicts with his siblings. When Mars occupies a friendly sign or receives favorable aspects then it gives a career as a surgeon, warden, prisoner, IAS officers, administrators, detectives. When it occupies an enemical sign or receives malefic aspects then it makes the native a criminal, butcher, social outcast and gives sorrow.

Jupiter : Jupiter symbolizes growth. When Jupiter occupies the 12th house it restrains the individual to grow and develop as he desires. This position gives a pessimistic attitude and a negative aura to the individual.  Jupiter is the karaka for selfless service. This position makes the native serve others such as asylums, hospitals, charitable institutions or even their relatives. Jupiter also signifies religion. This position allows the native to be associated to some spiritual gurus, mystic or occult persons and positions in such institutions.

Saturn : It symbolizes obstruction. When Saturn occupies the 12th house it gives the native a desire to be free from any obstructions or bonding. The native tries to liberate himself and gradually brings optimism within him. Such natives react according to their surrounding situations and are able to deal with them very well. Saturn is karaka for karma.  When Saturn occupies a friendly sign it gives success in the work / career in the later stages. If Saturn occupies an enemical sign with malefic aspects there is a danger of being bed ridden for many years, imprisoned or made to work like a slave without any financial benefits. It also gives a life with no public contacts and friends.


  1. hello sir...
    i have saturn and mars in 12th house in scorpio....
    so wt does it signify....??? is it bad ??? or gud??
    i hav asked so many astrologer but dey r nt able to answer me satisfactorily....
    so pls let me know its interpritation....

  2. hello there,
    my close male friend has his venus, mercury,jupiter 11th house , mars on the twelfth with his moon in pisces and his sun in 10th house Leo and his ascendant in Virgo.

    My sun is in Cancer 11th house, moon in aries 9th house, with my Mercury and Venus in my twelfth house Cancer with jupiter Retrograde in 7th house Aquarious

    i feel like this male friend is in love with me but doesnt want to be and fights against it or even communicating with me. it makes me sad and angry because i want him to not be afraid of communicating and loving me.

  3. I have moon,Mars,Jupiter&rahu in Leo ie 12th house from my ascendant lagna kanya.its horrible & uncontrollable incidents & circumstances in my life since childhood.i am not able to cope with this combination of planets,moreover Saturn is in lagna followed by sun&mercury in 4th house ie Sagittarius, Venus in 5th and Ketu in 6th forming kaal sarpa dosh.been to many astrologers since 2000 no one tells me good remedies,to pacify ill effects of my lagna kundali.feel like dying,please help

  4. I have Saturn and Mars in 8th house. Please let me know on it. Many hidden enemies without my knowledge arising. Nethu in 12